The primary purpose for encouraging our members to participate

and sanction USCDKA tournaments are as follows:

  1. To develop and implement a consistent standardized application of rules and regulations throughout the United States Chung Do Kwan Association. 
  2. To provide a fun, safe, and secure, family environment for our USCDKA students to compete.
  3. To develop brotherhood a sisterhood amongst our members through legitimate competition.


Parents, spouses and family members are very important to the competition.  Their role is to be supportive.  Sr. Instructors and Coaches have the responsibility of preparing them to model good sportsmanship.


We cannot guarantee that the judges and referees are perfect or score the way that those not in the ring would perceive a score to be.  There will always be times when a person feels that he or she should have won but didn’t, and times when maybe he or she should have, but the human factor in judging was faulty.  But, tournaments will always have this factor present.  Knowing this, each of us competes with the mind-set that doing MY best is the most important reward in competition.  Competition is NOT just about technique, but also about self-control and respect. Derogatory remarks about the referees, coaches, and even opponent(s) is not appropriate.

However, what we can guarantee is that every tournament official is doing his or her best to provide fairness in scoring.  At all times, appreciation of the judges, referees, and tournament officials are to be acknowledged.  Sr. Instructors are encouraged to serve as referees and judges, and to train other staff members to coach and get experience in the ring as officials prior to the events so that our “best eyes” are in the ring scoring the competition, rather than on the sidelines. 

Members, parents, and guests attending these tournaments are expected to be supportive in actions and words.  Derogatory remarks will be considered disrespectful and will be dealt with appropriately.  As always, the customs and courtesies taught in class are expected to be practiced at all times.  Be a finder of GOOD things.