Sorry, that’s NOT how it works when building skills.

Zig Ziglar says: “repetition is the mother of learning.”

Why is that?

Think about this…:

Have you ever watched a movie and seen new lines, people, or concepts the 2nd time around you didn’t see the 1st time?

We ALL have. We gravitate to what is relevant to us at the time.  I learn something new every time I teach these, and so will you.

Leadership and Instructing are life-long skills that YOU will apply to every area of life: Taekwondo, school, work, relationships, tough times, good times, spiritual and mental development.

The ancient wisdom, “Study to show yourself approved,” means working hard and studying diligently.  That’s what we do when we are serious about Taekwondo.  It’s important to create habits that you do out of familiarity and not just emotion. Commit to be active in classes, tournaments, conferences, certifications, and seminars, especially those you’ve already attended.  What you pick up the 2nd and 3rd time around will be totally different because YOU are different.

Yes, Taekwondo IS FUN!  But…. seasons of life and life events can distract us from what is truly important to us.

Stay active, especially during difficult times, and stay consistent at ALL times.

Don’t get caught in the knowledge trap of “One and Done” ✅. It’s simply a lie.